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Join the RAAF team

The RAAF team is an ever-dynamic and growing one. Together with producing our own music, we are also constantly working on the expansion of our brand and public identity, the management of which has become equally important in the success of any brand in the entertainment industry.


The RAAF team is a family. The DNA of the team is made up of trust, honesty and support. Although each team member has a very definite role and it is the absolute expectation that they take responsibility for their roles, success within this quick-changing and fast-tempo industry can only be achieved if the team carries one another. The RAAF team does this with grace. 

Thorough communication is a key factor in the success of achieving deliverables and an important responsibility that each one in the team is expected to take on. RAAF strives toward touching the hearts and minds of their audiences through each music note and song, and being part of the team means being part of this. You are actively involved in the realising of honest art, which leaves each and everyone moved. 

Vacant Positions

Have a look below for any vacant positions in the team


We are looking for an agile generalist to join as the team's manager. Someone with a broad set of experience, with a love for the arts and good sense of business. You need to flourish in an independent work environment and be able to make your own choices and take initiative with minimal guidance. 

You must be able to plan for the unplanned. A fast-paced environment and quick-changing circumstances should not throw you off course. 


Managing performances and tours

  • Reach out to venues/organisers regarding possible tours and performance 

  • Presenting tour suggestions to the team for feedback

  • Managing inquiries

  • Determine the viability of tours

  • Manage logistics around tours (accommodation and travel, communication with venues, ticket sales platform + monitoring sales)

  • Communication with team regarding upcoming tours and performances 

  • Managing invoicing and recons 

  • Timely entries into art festivals and reaching out to music festivals for good line-up inclusions 

  • Negotiating with festivals in terms of program allocation, collaborations, line-ups, fee negotiations, marketing material, etc. 

Marketing of tours and

  • Design and distribution of marketing material 

  • Support and guide venues with marketing strategies

  • Update RAAF website with details of upcoming tours and performances 

PR and merchandise support

  • Writing, translation and revision of press releases

  • Communication with the media regarding music releases

  • Radio "plugging” with the release of new music 

  • Support with the management of merchandise range (purchasing + distribution) 

  • Updating information pieces on RAAF (biographies, EPK's, etc.)

Affiliate marketing

  • Identifying brands or artists for collaboration or affiliate marketing relations

  • Negotiating with potential brand partners 

  • Management of partner expectations 

  • Logistics and administrative support te realise exchange if necessary 


  • This role sits both in the hard skills and soft skills arena

  • Willingness to learn new digital platforms and a curious spirit that enjoys discovering new channels and reassessing existing structures. Nothing in the RAAF way of work is strictly "signed off", but can always improve and grow

  • Communication, communication, communication - with the team, clients, difficult venues, complex negotiations, keeping everyone on the same page is a vital part of the role 

  • Strong negotiation ability, brokering deals is a big requirement of the job

  • A "get-it-done" attitude


  • Minimum of 5 years of work experience, preferably in the entertainment industry (music, producing, PR, marketing, event management) 

  • Wide and established knowledge of digital platforms and resources (website platforms (Wix, Squarespace, WordPress, etc.), Google Workspace, project management tools (Asana,, Basecamp, etc.))

  • Basic accounting skills (revision of recons, budgeting, etc.) 

  • Good linguistic ability (Afrikaans and English) for the writing and revision of publicity pieces, press releases, etc. 


  • 55 - 70 hours per month

  • Availability after hours if necessary (for performances in the evenings or over weekends) 

  • Own transport, internet, computer (laptop/Mac) and celphone 

  • Remuneration will be discussed upon request or during next interview rounds

  • The positions is vacant as from 21 August, with a 2 week handover period 

  • Applications close 14 July 2023


Send your CV and motivational letter to

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