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Huis Van RAAF


THE MOST EXCITING LIVING ROOM CONCERT! An evening of wine tasting, stories by the winemaker, songs by us and an array of extra magical moments that make the best memories! 

During lockdown we decided to engage with our fans via weekly Instagram and Facebook live broadcasts. 

For every episode we would open a bottle of wine and share more about the wine farm and the winemaker. In between tasting the wine and telling the stories, we sang a few songs and interacted with the comments. It was amazing to see where everyone tuned in from and how they appreciated the connection with others. 

We absolutely love the wine industry and the culture and during lockdown we said “imagine we can do this concert in our living room with a winemaker and people being here physically and not behind a screen.”

And that’s exactly what we did. The moment we could, we opened up our house and sold tickets for the first Winelovers house concert. It was a hit.


And that’s how we started one of the most exciting living room concerts you can possibly attend. Wine, stories, music and magic…

We’ve had the honour to welcome the following winemakers into our house:
Martin Lamprecht from MARRAS
Charl du Plessis from Spice Route
Hannes Meyer from Lomond
Adi Badenhorst from AA Badenhorst Family Wines
Hattingh de Villiers form Muratie

We can only squeeze 30 people. Tickets for Winelovers sell out almost immediately and is made available to the previous ticket holders first. If you want to be part of Winelovers, let us know…

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