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Bee Conservation

Bees are tiny little miracles of nature – they not only pollinate our flowers but are largely responsible for our crops and food. It is estimated that a third of the food we consume relies predominantly on pollination by bees…  but our little heroes are threatened.

We have learnt so much already about bees and their importance and through the Wilderness project and the CCFA.  We have managed to get involved in a few incredible initiatives. With Bijenbos Bees and Honeybee Heroes, we are trying to do our little bit to protect the Cape honey bee colonies. We need bees to grow the food we eat; they are very important and very interesting little creatures and a cardinal part of the eco system and circle of life.

Across the world there has been a growing concern about the decline in the bee population, mainly due to intensive farming, loss of habitat, improper use of pesticides and climate change.  Help us make the difference...


Help us protect them by planting bee friendly plants in your garden, not killing bees but rather phoning the right people to relocate swarms, holding back on the garden pesticides and supporting the use of real, raw honey bought in small scale from our local bee farmers. It tastes so much better and is a lot healthier for you and the environment.  You can help us to make a difference by also ADOPTING A HIVE with us and the CCFA

In April 2021, we played a concert at Lomond Wines.  The crowd started sending a hat around to collect money for us to play a few more songs.  We played a few more songs anyway, but decided to rather adopt a hive with the Lomond Crown on the Bijenbos Bees Farm which is situated nearby Lomond - what a special moment!

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