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Our part with the Forward Foudation

We all know what a great impact sport and physical development can have in a country like South Africa. Lourens and Esté Rabé joined hands with this foundation through music and spreading the word on their platforms. The collaboration started in 2022. They wrote a song and filmed a music video; MOVING FORWARD FASTER. MOVING FORWARD FASTER is not only the theme song for the Forward Foundation but also inspires the listener to be courageous within their means

"You cannot choose your mountain

But you don’t have to climb alone"

- Bottomless Coffee Band


Both Lourens and Esté are proud to mention their part with the Forward Foundation as they go on the road. The listeners of Bottomless Coffee Band's concert enjoy this positive deed that both, Forward Foundation and Bottomless Coffee Band do for the community, to better the circumstances of the people who partake in the foundation. 


Not only do the listeners enjoy the good deed, but get up and dance on their feet while the song is performed. This truly creating positive awareness for the foundation

If you'd like to read more about the Forward Foundation you can click the button below

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