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Founders Lodge

We joined hands with The Mantis Collection.  The aim was to create a fun and hyped song that reflects the excitement of travel and adventure in South Africa for their newly released Founders Lodge.


South Africa has some of the most incredible experiences for tourists and our tourism is gaining momentum again after the pandemic.  This collaboration was a great opportunity for us to share but one of these life-changing African endeavors;  the experience The Mantis Collection has to offer in both accommodation and conservation of our country.

THIS TRAIN, dives into the nostalgia of a bygone era of trains and railway carriages.


The Mantis Collection Hotel Group asked us to capture the story of the Gardiner family's railway carriage. This carriage holds the memories of many holiday and business train journeys around South Africa. Time went by and the carriage was retired, and in February 2021, the carriage was meticulously restored and moved to the Founders Lodge, the birthplace of wildlife conservation in the Eastern Cape.


Mantis Founder, Adrian Gardiner, told us the story of how he picked up the two dogs, the parrot and the family to go on their train adventures. This was the initial inspiration for the first verse and from there the song took shape. We spent a weekend in the Founders railway carriage, slept in the "train", wrote the song and recorded it in collaboration with the team and students of the Abbey Road Institute in Johannesburg.


Watch THIS TRAIN music video:

Read more on the Founders Lodge:

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