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 RAAFtuig coffee

Our Fuel

Craftfully roasted especially for RAAF by Monarch Coffee Cartel

Packaged in a tin, it is more environment-friendly and beautiful. You can refill your RAAFtuig coffee tin at Monarch (Paarl & Stellenbosch) or you can order your refill package on our online shop


This tin is also a collectors item as Esté Raaf has written a poem. You can read the magical words while sipping on your cuppa. 

Coffee is not only the extraction from the crimson berry of the coffee tree. Coffee is the fuel of the adventurous, the "vrygelatene", the one that choose to be curious in the world. Coffee is a lifestyle, it's art, it lets you glide on the wings of imagination... Climb onto the RAAFtuig filled with caffeine and fly with us far beyond the everyday day-to-day

May the RAAFtuig coffee give you wings!

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